Zella Bardsley Metals Artist


My work in Sculptural Mixed Metals and Mixed Media is celebratory in theme.  My intent is to convey that life is meant to be an adventure, filled with the various emotions we are gifted with.  My work is completed with an oxygen/ acetylene torch, plasma torch and MIG welder.  My current work incorporates mixed metals, perforated metals, stoneware and other mixed media for more texture and dimension. 

Gallery Affiliations:
Art Source Gallery, 1015 Main, Boise:  www.artsourcegallery.com
Art Source Annex, Boise Air Terminal
Fusions, Ocean Shores, WA  http://www.fusionsgallery.com
Gypsy Gallery, Boise, ID  www.gypsygallery.com
Gallery 55 McCall, ID  http://galleryfiftyfive.wordpress.com/
Matter Gallery, Olympia, WA  www.matteroly.com

Additional Information:
Recipient of Boise State Univesity's "Women Making History" Award: Arts Catagory; 2004
Visual Arts Chair:  Celebration of Women in the Arts:  1995-2007
Co-Chair:  We Art Women:  2008-2010
Twice Past President of Art Source Gallery, Boise.
Featured on HGTV, "That's Clever": January 2007.

Grants Received:
Boise City Arts Commission Grant for "Spirit of the Djembe": Art Exhibition:  February 2000
Boise City Arts Commission Grant for "Women of Steel": Art Exhibition:  March 2002
Boise City Arts Commission Grant for "Women Making Waves":  Art Exhibition:  March 2004

Public Art:
"Eagle Greenbelt Signage": Eagle Idaho
"Stalactites":  Legacy Park, McCall, Idaho
"Shield of Justice":  Ada County Courthouse, Boise, ID
"They're All Our Children":  Ada County Courthouse, Boise, ID
"Flags Over Idaho":  Ada County Courthouse, Boise, ID
"Wave":  Microsoft Offices, Boise, ID
"Harbinger":  Microsoft Offices, Boise, ID
"Lilith":  Boise State University Women's Center, Boise, ID
"Sword and Stone":  MMACHS Courtyard, Meridian School District
"Crests":  Meridian School District, Meridian, ID
"Balance":  Fremont County Prosecutor's Office